Happy Families

Sóley the Foalie is growing like Topsy.  She has changed hugely since I went away.

Her foalie fur is beginning to fall out too and her true colour, a darker chestnut with a white blaze like her mother, is appearing now.

I think she is going to be a very pretty Icelandic lady.  She definitely has her mother’s bottom!

Sóley the Foalie divides her time between her sister, Lilja, and her mother, Hetja.

They both share the responsibility of looking after her.

This is all very good experience for Lilja. It will serve her well if she ever has a foal.

Lilja is very much the bossy elder sister….

…. as she insists on telling little Sóley where to stand, how to behave and what to think.

They are a very happy little family – Mum and her two wonderful daughters.



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