Gone to Town

A town day today to sort out some legal beagles.

I had my usual daily tasks to do first before I left so I woke early (even set the alarm), did my chores of feeding, changing rugs and mucking out while the sun rose ominously behind in an anvil shaped cloud.


Everyone was “helpful” to the point of Waffle taking Storm’s old rug off the gate and jumping up and down on it in a puddle.  His smile was spectacular and I didn’t have the heart to be cross.  I washed the mud off with frozen fingers in the water trough.

So, after my weekly flute lesson, I went on to The Big L.  Home of boats that are floating hotels, lights and alleged action apparently, if you read the local paper.

L1130524 L1130527 L1130530s

The Christmas theme was upon us.


Except that unicorn gave me the creeps.


So now I am back home. I won’t have to do that again in a big hurry.  Everything was sorted and I had a quick whip round Tesco as well for a birthday supper for my OH.

(I will admit that I had totally forgotten his special day and bought a bottle of 16 year old Lagavulin to get me out of the dog-house)

Tomorrow, back to normal – filthy jeans, little furry noses and somehow it doesn’t matter if I smell of horses because everyone around me does too.

I hate town. I belong here.

4 thoughts on “Gone to Town

  1. Linda

    What a pretty little town! (At least you’re not racing around in a big city…) I’m with you – strictly a country mouse here.
    Not that I would wish it upon you, but the description of Waffle’s “helping” just sounded so funny. (I’m glad you’re the kind of mom who appreciates that he’s still a “baby” and just wants to have fun.)
    And there’s now some drool on my keyboard over the mention of that Lagavulin!


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