Back with my boys

My life is back to normal.  No more going into town for the foreseeable, I hope.

After their breakfast, I called my little boys into the big school and I took Storm’s rug off so he could roll (look at those gorgeous little feets all curled under and the belly, the belly – someone tickle that belly!)


I put the toy buckets out and Storm had a brief investigation.


He made a careful selection …..


And then played.


The next toy bucket was investigated by tipping it all up.


Once tipped, the contents were successfully looked at for potential.


Storm was in a very cheeky me-me-me mood today.


He wanted all my attention and when I was talking to Stardust, he bit him hard on the side, so I immediately sent Storm away to consider his behaviour and continued to talk to Stardust.  Storm came back a few minutes later and was much nicer after that.


Stardust is coming along very slowly.  He got the plot with hard feed today and waited in the little shed while I dished out the food in bowls outside.  He ate his by himself.  He comes to me now to be tickled, scratched and talked to and I managed to do a little brushing too.  His coat is not the best but he enjoyed the brush and let Waffle do some grooming too.  I was wearing a bobble hat, which I had put on my knee and Stardust picked it up and plopped it on the ground, so that was interesting to watch.  He interacts more with me too.


The boys then spent the brief light hours of the afternoon outside just munching away together as a herd.


Now that is my kind of day.  Not boring town.

5 thoughts on “Back with my boys

  1. bigears

    I have decided to take a break from ‘working/training’ the comtois trio and just going to be doing handling, playing, just chilling with them to give us all a chance to get back to basics

  2. Sam

    Nice to hear Stardust is coming around and that Storm can unlearn the bully behavior.
    And I adore the Advent Calandar!

  3. Terri

    I love to see them investigating and playing with their toys!
    Thanks again for the wonderful Advent Calendar photos — I look forward to opening a door each day….Yesterday’s was beautiful and today’s just toooo funny!

  4. Suzanne in Ohio

    Frances – Just discovered your blog – love it! I so admire your loving way with your horses & ponies – the posts on the Minions and Stardust choke me up. Shetland is so beautiful – I can see why your heart is there. Happy holidays!!


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