Gone to Bed

I did something to my back this morning when trying to rugby-tackle ‘Bert for his second injection.  For a tame sheep, ‘Bert wasn’t very helpful. So now I have screaming sciatica down my left leg and I’ve given up and gone to bed early to feel sorry for myself. ‘Bert limped off as well looking suitable furious at me for managing to catch him and stick injections into his bottom.  I was only trying to help.

In other news, when I could walk, yesterday, I nearly trod on a baby bird!  An oystercatcher, I think.

It just sat there completely still in the long grass saying nothing.  And then I looked around and there was another.

No warning, not a parent in sight so I quickly took a couple of pics and we left quickly while looking very carefully where we were treading.

Just two slightly feathery lumps disguised as horse poo (with beaks).

Right, I’m going to find some half decent painkillers and hope they work. I could not feel much worse.  Bollox.



5 thoughts on “Gone to Bed

  1. Linda

    This might be old news for you, but do you have an ice pack for your back? I get sciatica off and on (not nearly as strong as yours!) and I find the ice pack really helps. 20 minutes on/20 minutes off. You can get them at pharmacies. I have two of them in my freezer.

    In the meantime, I commiserate with you, and hope your pain disappears soon…


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