Back to Work

It has been persisting with rain all day but the grass needs it and the ducks are happy.

As m of the ducks are sitting on eggs, I am trying to get ready for the potential imminent arrival of a pile of ducklings.  Sheds are being cleared and being made duckling safe.

Today I attacked my “big shed” and cleared away some of the stuff that has accumulated since the arrival of my mother’s things.

I also started on the stable and sorted out piles of things to keep, things to go to the tip and things to sort out with a view to the tip or going to the charity shop…

This is my work-in-progress.  And then I will sweep up all the hay and feel much happier.  I chip away at things, get easily distracted and then go and start another project never really finishing anything properly.  It is a horrible habit I have but I am determined to keep going on this.  We need space or at least better use of space.

I haven’t seen many of the animals today. This morning I let Iacs, Haakon and Klaengur out into the biggest field. I let the sheep out of the field this afternoon as Lambie likes to go to bed of an evening and hates sleeping out.

‘Bert refuses to talk to me now due to his rugby tackle.  He has taken up with Madge, who is always feral.  My back is much better – the painkillers and a good night’s sleep helped. My Painpod has been on all day as well.

That is the face of ‘Bert’s resentment.  Madge is an enabler.

2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Sam

    I don’t think I have ever seen a sheep give the Stink Eye before Bert.
    As for the “sorting and cleaning” – one can get exhausted by what is left to deal with.
    Having cleaned mom and step-dad’s places, I know this ennui well. Chip away at the pile, it really will go down. Glad you back is better.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Wow….you’re getting so much done…..your back must be a lot better! The sheep sure do look big and puffy but always cute as big round buttons! Keep feeling better, Frances!


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