Getting to Know You!

This morning, Maggie was having her mid-morning snack and little Himself was busy trying to be brave!

Harry is desperate for a chat.

Maggie just wants biccies.  It’s a fair exchange, I think.  Food for the love of her son!

And then there was this afternoon.  It had got a bit warmer (that North wind is biting) and someone was very bouncy bouncy!

Apparently I have other animals to look after!  Who knew?  I must tear myself away and take an interest in them one day.





7 thoughts on “Getting to Know You!

  1. Sam

    Sorry but I’d be with the gamboling Harry all day if I were you. Plenty of grass for all but BeAnne to nibble on. I love watching lambs and baby goats leap up for no reason.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Wow….while I was out of town, your new baby arrived! A little black boy lamb, just like you predicted! Oh what a sweet little lamb he is! I love seeing him bouncing around. Congratulations to you all!


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