Gale Warning

After my weekly flute lesson, and in my posh (read clean) clothes, I drove home via Sandness to look at the girls.

There is going to be a big gale with a fair amount of rain tonight and then again in 24 hours time.

Lyra is fine.


I think the description is a “leg at each corner”!


Her mother, Vitamin, is also looking good.


That is one beautiful Shetland pony bottom and belly.


These two ladies are still very close and have very loving mother-daughter relationship.


But I will worry for the next 48 hours about Delia.


She has lots of green grass and shelter too.


But I would like her to have a rug.  So I furtled around in my car for something to measure her with and found a lead rope.


Delia obligingly stood still while I measured from the middle of her chest, around her side to her tail.


To mark her length, I ingeniously put some grass in the twist of the rope.


I went home and searched my Shetland pony rug library – there not one big enough.    I returned to Delia in the hope that my measurements were wrong, but the rugs were too small.  I shall order a nice warm rug for her.  I know I am too late for this bout of bad weather, but it might help keep the weight on.

So now the hatches are battened down (again).  Bring it on.


4 thoughts on “Gale Warning

  1. Sam

    Delia needs you to stop shopping for her rug in the Children’s section. Portly Ladies section, please!
    Keeping her in my thoughts for the next few days.


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