Free the Shetland Eight!

Floss and I went to feed carrots to the two herds that live outwith Thordale, our croft.

Lilja, our Icelandic filly, was very happy to see us.  She left what she was doing (chatting to the Minions) and happily  followed the bag of carrots Flossie was carrying.

The Shetland ponies were all lined up at the fence trying to look either thin or hungry.

From the left – Waffle, Storm, Newt, Tiddles, Vitamin, Albie, Fivla and Silver.

Carrots were for the Icelandic mares first.  Floss was on carrot duty.  I had the camera.

All eyes were on the Keeper of the Carrots.

After the Icelandics, it was the Shetland ponies’ turn.  I told Floss that I wanted them away from the adjoining fence.  It is Lilja’s spell once again.  She is always trying to hang around with the Minions and keep them close so they don’t go and eat.

Floss was sensible and walked with her bribery into the hill and everyone duly followed.

They have to cross a little stream – this is the best place.

And Floss walked and they cantered beside her to keep up.

They walked high up into the hill.

They did stop eventually and were given their share of carrots and then Floss walked down the hill, leaving them in a nice place to graze.

Of course, the ponies were watched very carefully and no doubt Lilja started shouting to them and no doubt they all came straight back the minute we had gone.  They do that.

But Lilja is very magical and special.  I can see why.  We are all under her spell.

3 thoughts on “Free the Shetland Eight!

  1. Terri

    Brava to Floss for hiking up the hill and amply rewarding the Shetland Eight. At least she (and you) tried to adjust the dynamics. Lilja must indeed have special powers, in addition to being a beautiful filly. But look at her parentage!


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