Feeling Happier

A rug has been found for Delia.  One of Hammy’s old ones (I thought they had all gone with him when he escorted Indy to his new home).


Poor Delia is utterly fed up of me going into her field with yet another flappy bat thing.   I have tried on a different rug almost every day.  None of them fitted. I can almost hear her sigh when she sees me.  Anyway, this one almost fits – it will do until her bigger rug arrives. Her bottom sticks out a little.


Lyra was intrigued and very curious about Delia’s new fashion item.


She was trying to rest her teeth on the fabric until I shouted at her – that is her “Who? Me?” face.


Once the rug was on and fitted to her, Delia was snuggly, very snuggly indeed.  I hope it will make a huge difference to her this winter.


After the fitting, I went round taking silly photos of the ladies.


Lyra, as always, looked beautiful.  She is a very pretty mare.


Her mother, Vitamin, hogged the camera completely.  Bless her, she is such a character – she always wuffles when she sees me.  Indy was so like her (I miss him desperately).

L1180889  L1180892 L1180893

So I shall sleep happier knowing Delia has a wearable rug for the oncoming foul winter weather.  The temperature is slowly dropping and the usual mud, that never really went away, is returning.  I will dig out my winter wardrobe soon.




4 thoughts on “Feeling Happier

  1. louise whyte

    I have some super warm donkey rugs, Fals, some full neck, some 400grm – do you want to borrow one? They are very warm – 4’6 or 4’3 I can see what I have?


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