Storm’s Best Rug

There was a lull for a couple of hours in the weather this afternoon so, having spent the morning creating more of the f***ing website, I went out to do my chores as quickly as possible before the rain started again.


The Minions had turned up so I fed them a token-gesture, but took Storm out to give him a real bucket of calories.  I felt under his rug to see if it was wet but after 24 hours of rain, Storm was lovely and dry underneath.

I think it is a Ruggles’ – 250g Teflon Coated Combo Turnout Rug or the 400g 1200D Teflon Coated Combo Turnout Rug

I cannot recommend this rug highly enough.  Whatever weight it is, I know that it is Storm’s absolute most favouritist rug ever.  He even tries to bite me if I suggest removing it.  He would quite like it on all summer too.  It fits very well and is, hopefully, invincible.


It does not stop any games, either.  Restricted?  Hell, no!


Anyway, everyone was on top form, galloping about, annoying each other, as is a Minion’s want!

BN2A6179 BN2A6182 BN2A6170 BN2A6165

Nothing contains a Minion.  Fences are just badly made containment inventions.


This sight depresses me hugely but I have to admire Minion ingenuity and the fact that the big horses can’t do it ….. yet.


They are so happy they can escape to the best grassy field.


There is always lots of galloping about to prove their point!


At least they can’t open gates……. again, yet!






8 thoughts on “Storm’s Best Rug

  1. granny T

    just a thought…Our son does an amazing Job with repairing/ setting up websites. It sounds like you don’t really enjoy having to do it. Please let me know if you would like him to help. He has worked with lots of local businesses and is very reasonable in charges. His name is Kevin Moreland. He would totally take away all your website angst!

    1. Frances Post author

      Sweet of you to offer. I will wait until my swear words are not abbreviated for soft souls and then I will let you know. xx

    1. Frances Post author

      Norty, norty little Minions (but I luffs them – fences can be replaced and repaired – Minions cannot!)

  2. Mairead

    It is lovely to see such complete joy in those photos. Such happy boys – they are a credit to your wonderful care 🙂


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