Fat Fighters Field Escape Committee

“We’re thin now.  Please can we come home?”


Yes. we found the fatties all congregating by one gate pretending they were there for a drink of water.  Yer right.


I have my knitted fence (Patent Pending) already situate and working well in the loch.  This was initially created to stop Iacs from going down on his knees and crawling out.  I know he was considering this during his stay at Fat Fighters this Spring.


Floss was busy reconstructing a gate that had been “tampered” with so small wide ponies could not go a-wandering.


Obviously there were offers of help.


And obviously, they were appreciated!


“You’re doing that wrong!”


While Floss was busy, I pottered about putting other fences right and took a few jolly little snaps.

Mother and daughter.  So beautiful.

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Our darling little fairy pony, Fivla.


She always remembers and adores Flossie, her owner.


The many faces of wicked!

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Our venerable old lady.


Here is the yummy yummy Fat Fighters Field in Autumn.  It has some pretty heather and a smidgen of grass if little fat ponies really look for it.  Ideal.


This is the last photo I took.  That gate doesn’t stand a chance but we tried and tomorrow we will return with better ammunition, sorry fence construction materials!



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