Fat Camp II

I went up to Fat Camp II, ie Sandness hill apportionment to see how the fatties were getting on as it was Day 1 of their diet.


They seemed very pleased to see me and I gave them their statutory one carrot each.


There is loads of space up here.


I believe this field is over 30 acres big!


There is some grass.


They just have to look for it and they will be fine.


As usual, in these types of fields, I have supplied a superb view!

BN2A1007 BN2A1009 BN2A1010 BN2A1016 BN2A1024

There are water pools all over and a spring that runs through as well.


To be honest, no one hung around to chat.  I checked that all nose kissey buttons worked (they did, phew!).


And off they all went, sussing out the huge field.

BN2A1034 BN2A1044 BN2A1057 BN2A1058

The boys will be checked regularly and I am hopeful they will lose some weight.  If Waffle got laminitis, I would never forgive myself.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Now I just have to work out where to put Taktur and Hetja this spring.  I am thinking of putting them to Sandness where there is a lovely field called Gardens.  Taktur will love talking to the children on their way to and from school!

3 thoughts on “Fat Camp II

  1. Terri

    First, hope your OH is recovering well. I’m sure you’re looking out for him too!
    Laminitis sounds awful — no wonder you want to avoid it for your herd. I didn’t realize how complicated the keeping of horses is — one always has to be on the alert for some evil — too wet, too cold, too muddy, too windy, too hot (rarely in Shetland), too thin, too fat, yadda yadda) A labour of love, to be sure!
    PS Taktur and Hetja together again? (a baby brother/sister for Hjalti next year?)

    1. Frances Post author

      Not brilliant, but I will keep a close eye on her and if she needs to come home, then she will. No problem.


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