The Maternity Unit

This is the Thordale Maternity Unit.

Two Minions and Little Himself, Mrs Himself and Haakon (who was being tacked up when I was taking the photos).


Ok, so I realise Little Himself is not really weaned but so what.  Hetja looks fab and everyone is fine.


Hjalti  doesn’t mind if mum is around.  He is very happy and settled playing with the two Minions left behind from going to The Fat Field and they adore him as well.  Hours of fun and entertainment had by all.  Storm and Tiddles are well up for the job and ok, they may have no mane but their show career is not looming so I refuse to be worried.  They give as good as they get and never stop laughing.


Hetja is purely ornamental and really there for Brá if she needs a sensible mother around. Hetja will be perfect in this role and is one of the best mothers I have worked with.


So this is the maternity unit and I hope I have made the right choices.  We will see.  One hint of nastiness and that horse is out.

The proof really is that Brá is very settled and relaxed.  She comes up for her bucket feed (Mare and Youngstock),, spends time if she wants around the house eating the new grass and then potters back to be with the others, at her request.

Meanwhile, I am crossing everything I have, filling up my Karma allowance and praying to every God I know of for a successful foaling.

Foaling vibes please, foaling vibes.


3 thoughts on “The Maternity Unit

  1. Sam

    With such happy members of The Maternity Unit – how could Bra not feel comfy and have an easy birth?
    Keeping “happy foalio” thoughts for you! And keep the emergency gin near by.

  2. robin

    Here’s a caveat, though. I believe I see an extra sparkle of play in Tiddles’ and Storm’s eyes…especially in the first picture.


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