Farrier Today

Stephen, our farrier, appeared first thing this morning.

Luckily, it was very easy to put everyone in the right field – with a breakfast bucket.

While Stephen was busy trimming Iacs, I looked over to see Haakon playing with the spare headcollar.  He hasn’t done that for years, so I think he must be feeling much better on his arthritis supplement.  It made me smile to see him being young again.

And then into the paddock where the Minions and Old Ladies were waiting.

Pepper was thrilled to see Stephen, which was lucky because she managed to get in the way at every opportunity.

No one behaved badly. Waffle managed to pick up the spare headcollar and take it over to give to Stephen.

That poor headcollar was doomed.

But on a good note – there were no signs of laminitis at all in anyone’s hooves.  I must’ve caught it in time and that is a huge relief as laminitis can do such permanent damage and everyone looked so much better after the hoof trims.  Stephen also said all the horses and ponies looked fit and well – and NOT FAT.  Just solid!  I can live with that.

8 thoughts on “Farrier Today

  1. Sue S

    That is a great picture of the horses alternating head to tail. Terrific that the farrier visit went so well.

  2. Sharon

    I’m so happy for you about the good news that nobody has hoof problems and everyone looks “solid” but not fat.
    Every time Stephen, the farrier, is there I’m amazed at how he works underneath the ponies as he’s trimming hooves, and with ‘help’ from Pepper too! I’m happy that Haakon is playing again too!


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