Continuing On

And moving swiftly on from the little ones, here are some pics of the Ancients.

Kolka – who has settled in here just fine.

She rules the two old men and they follow her everywhere, which is good otherwise they would just live by the gate looking hopeful possibly forever.

Haakon looks just the same as he always does.

And I have no nice photo of Iacs because he didn’t feel like cooperating.  Haakon told him off for me.

This is the best I could do.

Kolka and Haakon together – very few rows except at meal times when Kolka wants everyone else’s bucket.  It is not allowed.

(sorry this is short, but I have just returned with OH and Pepper from a fabulous late Sunday lunch and I am so full I can’t think straight!)

At lunch, as well as the humans, there were five dogs and Pepper. All were very well behaved and Pepper enjoyed herself making friends.  She was the only girlie in the pack.

I was very proud of Pepper.  Although Ted was invited, we decided not to bring him as we felt he would be more settled (and calmer) at home with Monster to look after him.

And all was fine when we got home so I think that was a wise decision.

1 thought on “Continuing On

  1. Jacqueline

    The details in today’s photos were exceptional. I can see every strand of coat. It also looks like you had summer !


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