A Glorious Day

Took the old men out for a blast.  They were on flying form and there is certainly nothing retired about these two. It is embarrassing.  I possibly walk more on Klængur!

At 26 and 25 years old – guys, come on.  This should be a slow ride.

Daisy and I also had a nice ride on Klængur and Kappi.  The two ginger ninjas enjoyed their new shoes and we certainly had our money’s worth!  Lots of lovely tölt. So good for the soul.

After lunch, I went to collect BeAnne’s medication, food and syringes and took the scenic route home.

Garderhouse Voe


Looking down to Fitful Head at the south end of the island.


Looking at Grossa Stack.

It was a perfect day.  Rain tomorrow apparently.  Meh but the grass is growing and my horses tell me they want a day off!


10 thoughts on “A Glorious Day

  1. Kelly

    Frances, I just wanted to thank you for the upkeep of this blog and the posts of your horses and Shetland. How beautiful. My life here in the U.S. looks absolutely nothing like yours, and your posts and photos feel like an escape for me. Wishing you all a lovely weekend. xo

  2. Sam

    Age is merely a number, say the Ginger Ninjas. Or until you ask when we don’t want to do something…

    Thanks for the scenic trip home, lovely scenery.

  3. diane in northern wis

    What a beautiful ride home for you. Such lovely pictures. Love the first ones too, of the horses.
    Glad you guys had a great ride!

  4. Marlane

    My husband and I get out and ride twice a week, It is a way for us to relax and be out in nature and we live where the weather allows us to do this almost year round. We appreciate it very much. we only have one rideable horse though.


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