Farrier Day

The farrier came today.  Daisy and I have been doing our best to keep on top of the hoof trims (especially the Minions) but the big ones need shoes, the younger ones a good trim and I have decided that the Minions should see a farrier once a year so I know we are on the right track.

It was good to see someone new.

Efstur was trimmed – a first for everyone having to put their hooves on a hoofstand and a first for others being hot-shod.  Taktur looked very dramatic in the smoke.

But no one minded.

Even Dreki tried his best.  He went with his father, Taktur’s, theory, that if he didn’t look at it, perhaps it would go away.

Her Maj wanted to kill herself at every opportunity so we put her on a lead before she succeeded (like trying to eat a dropped cookie piece from beneath a horse’s feet – oh my nerves!)

Foiled, she took to her bed.

Once everyone had been seen at Thordale, we went on to Leradale.  Our trimming was approved and considered a success, which is a huge relief.  Everyone helped (note, Albie) and most behaved beautifully – even Sóley-the-not-really-a-Foalie.  Only Fivla let the side down – oh, the shame. She reared!

Anyway a job well done and huge thanks to Stephen-the-farrier.

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