Farrier and Harry

Farrier day today – we had a few.  First up were the girls, Lilja and Sóley who were ok, not brilliant, but it was their first time in the shed for a few years and also first time using the hoof stand.

Sóley learned how to be tied up and behave.  Always a useful skill.

Then it was Taktur and, while Kappi was being shod, I drove over to check on the Minions and give Fivla her TurmerAid.

Back home, I found it was Klængur ‘s turn. He has been off work with shoes off too due to a “brushing” injury.  It has healed well (and now it has grown down a bit, we can see the damage – poor boy).

I led my boy back to his field where he met Harry for the first time – Harry and Maggie were in a separate paddock as I don’t trust the young boys (Dreki and Efstur) with a small lamb.

Maggie had been complaining all day about her incarceration so I gave in and they had some lunch to make up for their grotty day.

Harry met a chicken.

(note the food on his nosey!)

Meanwhile, our farrier, Stephen Gardiner, was shoeing Efstur.

Harry has just learned independence, much to Maggie’s horror.

He ignores her pleading to follow her and investigates everything.

He is a determined little chap.

Last up was a trim for Dreki.

So that’s everyone shod or trimmed who needed it.  A good job well done and now I will be back in the saddle.  Yay!

3 thoughts on “Farrier and Harry

  1. Sam

    Such a Brave Explorer, Harry is. So stinking cute too! Glad those that needed shoeing were and others are learning to be adult like horses. When do you think you will take that first ride of the season?


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