Family Photos

The sheeple are struggling in this weather with their full fleeces on.

I feel very sorry for them and feed them their breakfast in the stable every morning so they will get used to going in there before they are sheared, which will hopefully be in the next few weeks.

However, they are wary of my sneaky ways and know what will happen.

Oh yes they do, don’t you ‘Ster.

‘Bert is sporting very fetching dreadlocks that curly deliciously at a jaunty angle across his brow.  He looks rather dashing.

Dear woolly Boyzenberries.

Gotta love them and feed them their ginger biccies!  Two each is the daily ration.

Meanwhile, Monster is very happy hunting and bringing presents home.

And BeAnne is her usual wonderful self.  She is wearing a gorgeous Liberty Print kerchief.  Pink is her colour.

And Foal Watch starts tonight.  Exciting times ahead.  I went to talk to Brá this afternoon and found she had colostrum dripping and down the inside of her legs.  She seems very calm and happy so watch this space.  Let the sleepless nights begin.  Foaling bucket at the ready and camera on charge.

5 thoughts on “Family Photos

  1. Sam

    Poor Sheeples still in the winter woolies. Love BeAnne’s scarf. Good luck to Bra and the new bebe.

  2. Mary Domito

    Hi Frances,
    Will be in Shetland Jun 20-26. Would love to see sheep shearing! Do you allow private visits as we do not want to do a group tour. We are being squired around for a couple days by one of Shetland’s local guides, Paula Moss.
    I would be happy to make a donation in exchange
    For the experience. Traveling with my two older sisters. We are 61-69 in age.
    Thank you for sharing your special world with us!
    -Mary, Taos, NM USA

    1. Frances Post author

      If the boys have not been sheared by then, then we will try to liaise so that you can watch. Really it is up to the shearer when he feels is the best time to do it. I am sorry I can’t be more help but it is out of my hands and tbh I don’t want the boys to have to suffer until then when they are usually sheared on 1st week of June.

  3. Linda Kirk

    I imagine it must be quite traumatic to be sheared, but I’m sure the boys will be relieved to lose all that weight and will be springing about like lambs afterwards.
    Love all the photos, especially BeAnne. Can’t wait to see the new baby!

  4. Linda Loba

    The shearing will be such a relief for the boys – nice and cool for the warmer weather!
    And yes, pink is definitely BeAnn’s color – she looks “marvelous”


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