Evil Newt

This time of year does not bring out the best in Newt.  He is a little demon.

He is utterly vile, despite looking enchanting as a small, if enraged, hairy yak.  To be fair, though, we have never been caught in the crossfire.  He’s not that stupid.

Today was lovely.  The calm before the storm – in so many ways. Tomorrow is a gale and rain.

Newt’s row started with Waffle and ended with Tiddles.

All Waffle wanted a quiet life and he was enjoying the rare sunshine and almost no wind.

Floss and I often remark how we wish everyone could be like Waffle – so kind and easy.

Floss and I fed those that needed their food and then we let everyone “wash up” afterwards.

It’s a Minion skill.  Please note Storm is so fat that he has a wee gutter in his back!

Albie is, after Waffle, of course another version of perfection.

I love the way he comes over to me.  Such a sweet boy.

We left everyone enjoying the lovely weather.

I dropped Floss off at home before driving onto Lerwick for some hay.

This should keep (those that need it) very happy.  It never lasts long though.


3 thoughts on “Evil Newt

  1. Sam

    Seems Albie and Waffle took all the really good manners and left none for Newt. Or Newt thinks he is a Draft Horse instead of the Small Tyrant? Should never have let him finish his Big Book of Revenge Vol.23.

  2. Kate Woolley

    I just love Newt. He has so much character, if naughty. The hi vis coat is such a good idea. We did the same with my daughters Patterdale, only his was yellow. Much prefer the red….. ❤️

  3. Linda Kirk

    I’m afraid I’ve had to revise my opinion of Newt. I won’t be whisking him away after all, and that photo of him – as if butter wouldn’t melt. The wee scoundrel!


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