Evil Genius(es)

Yesterday evening was peaceful and beautiful.

All was calm until we put Storm and Waffle into their field for the night.

And then there were mad Minions galloping around.

Storm decided he was an Arab stallion in a previous life.

Then Lilja saw them.  Having spent the winter sort of together – in adjacent fields – she was thrilled and galloped enthusiastically over to say hello.

Meanwhile Taktur was galloping up and down his fence yelling his head off in fury at the thought of Waffle being near his ladies (and daughter). All he could see was the hint of an irritating Shetland pony but he knew they were there and that was enough for his incandescent rage.

Luckily Lilja was not very impressed with the boys and quickly galloped back to her Icelandic family leaving everyone to finally settle down and eat peacefully for the night.

This morning, I came out to a scene of devastation.

All the water buckets were over (thank you Waffle – there is a stream in the field too so they had not been without water) and Storm was playing with one of the sheep’s bowls trying to convince me he would like his breakfast now.  So they got nothing but loaded up again and taken to the farrier, feet done and returned to their field where everyone greeted them like long lost friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having the Minions home and there was a very small moment while I saw them prancing about like idiots that I wished they lived here all the time, but it is anything but peaceful and I was rather relieved they went back!  All is very calm now.

Bloody children but I luffs ❤️ them




2 thoughts on “Evil Genius(es)

  1. Sam

    All boys have “visions of glory” hence the Galumping, the flirting and the bucket tossing. Good luck with that.

  2. Linda Loba

    Wow, never a dull moment, eh? (But it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without these moments.)
    Love the “reunion” with Lilja!


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