A Few Things

Monster is fine, thank you for asking.  He has his own seat at table now.  His table manners are pretty good.

Waffle and Storm are home for the night.  Our farrier is very busy up until he goes away on holiday so I am bringing the “Mountains” to Mohammed, so to speak.  Waffle needs an emergency hoof trim.  He is developing cracks which is not good and they need to be stopped quickly before they become anything more major.  Storm is along for the ride but if the farrier thought he would give him a quick trim, I am not going to say no.

Meanwhile, necessity is the mother of invention and this is my new improved fleece drying method.  My net curtain newly purchased for my wet-felting career strung up with elastic bands over the Rayburn (poor man’s Aga).  The wool is drying very nicely.  Next the storage problem away from moths.

For things horse, Brá is beginning to bag up (I noticed this yesterday) and today her nipples are pointing inwards.  Everything is changing. Her pelvis is relaxed.

And Hetja?  Well today it’s anyone’s guess.

She is fatter on her left side.  A noticeable bulge.

But nothing much on the bewb front, so possibly a few weeks’ away.  Taktur was in with his ladies for six weeks so maybe there is a six week gap.

So it is hopefully all systems go very soon, even if it is only Brá.  Oooh, exciting.


2 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. Sam

    Lovely to see Mr.Monster at the table. Sorry to hear the Mountains must travel to the farrier. As for the moth problem – lavender or cedar chips will help. Ask the yarn shop what they use. Bebes on the way!


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