Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

After all the vegetable packing and labeling over the last few days for The Food Fair, I thought I would have a quiet day.  So I paid bills and sorted out my in-tray (transferred it to the bin).


It is also blowing a cold west-northwesterly gale so not a day for me to be outside.  This kind of cold wind makes my bones ache horribly.

Anyway, here a few photos from a few day’s back when the Boyzenberries were getting to know their field neighbours.


The Boyzens are always keen to chat to anyone.  They are curious far more than scared – even ‘Bert who has quickly fallen into our routine.

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Efstur is now addicted to carrot slices. Ever the optimist, he hangs around, just in case because you never know.


However, this day Efstur put his teeth to other uses, like seeing if he could chew on the electric pole.  Gah!  No!


I shouted at him so he found different entertainment.  Not brilliant, but safer.


When the Boyzens came up to chat, Efstur was intrigued.  A woolly nose rest!  Who invented this?


While Efstur was creating a diversion, Hjalti was busy working on the escape route.


He had a little helper too.  Why?  Just why?


Sometimes I find this gate open and now I think I know how it happens.


It doesn’t matter.


We just then return thems that go walkabout.


That includes everyone.


Bert is getting better, putting on weight and very tame.


He plays shove with Lambie and follows me everywhere as he too is very partial to a sliced carrots.


He has two papilloma-type growths on one of his front legs.  I am spraying them with terramycin and am hoping they will go away on their own.


I am so pleased he is home.  I still tell him.

4 thoughts on “Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

  1. Diane

    By the way, the thing on Bert’s leg is probably a hoof oil gland that got blocked. It’s right at the top of the cleft and can get clogged and inflamed. You can soak it and then gently squeeze it to express out the clogged oil and he will feel much better.


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