If I Fits, I Sits

Yesterday, Lambie left the others (‘Ster and ‘Bert) to supervise Daisy’s training on Taktur.

As you can see, he watches everything and is very critical


Like most trainers, he is very good-looking too.


When Taktur flew into trot, Lambie was not that sure about the sand being thrown up in his face.


So he came to stand in the middle of the indoor school with me.


And his second Muzzah, BeAnne. She, also, takes a huge interest in Daisy and Taktur’s training.


For the wool experts among you, Lambie’s fleece is split into two types – carpet and Caligula curls.


This summer he sat on the dying embers of a bonfire so he is sporting a slight singed look now.

At the time, he didn’t seem to mind at all.


Darling Lambie.  He really is.  Folk don’t seem to understand that he has no panic button, the normal sheep adrenalin doesn’t exist in him.  If he was to run away, it would be to me so I could sort out the problem and I would.

Now, when Lambie was very little (this is a photo from Week 1 of his life), he lived under the stairs at night with Jack(et Potato’s) old bed if he wanted.  He was too small for it and couldn’t climb in.


Yesterday, he sat in a similar sized dog bed that lives in the school for BeAnne’s comfort.


It fits BeAnne nicely.


However, it does not fit Lambie at all!

If I fits, I sits!

4 thoughts on “If I Fits, I Sits

  1. Carol E.

    He is a Prince! So few people know what wonderful companions sheep can be. Thank you for sharing his delightful life with us. M

    I’ve always wondered: is that week-old photo of him sitting on what looks like a slipper: is that a normal human size, or an overly large gag slipper? How could a lamb be soo teensy?


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