Evening Walkies

I am trying to go out for a walk most evenings, weather and work (diary transcribing, still and possibly for the rest of my life – I’ve only reached 1924) permitting.

I usually ask the three older Boyzens if they want to come too and last night, they said that they did.

Plus one, who squozed under the gate to “come too”.

So there I was, around 19.30 in the evening being escorted by my four handsome gentlemen.

It was a nice peaceful evening.  We are past the longest day but the sky was fairly incredible.

Lambie and ‘Bert decided they couldn’t be arsed to actually walk the whole way but a small not-so-little Harrel and ‘Ster happily came with me keeping me company.

There was even some running (not by me, I hasten to add – that ship has long sailed!)

These two were lovely, making me smile all the way there (to the cattlegrid) and back.  A walk that takes a little over half and hour.

Yes, they did talk to other sheep but happily left them when I called them back.

What is it with sheep? Why do they want to walk with me? Who knows. I get some odd looks from passing motorists!

And so we arrived home.  Lambie and ‘Bert were waiting for us patiently onn the common grazing outside our gate.

Poor Maggie had been waiting too. I think she has finally realised that Harrel listens to the sound of his own voices.

Afterwards, I sat on the bench outside the house and we all had a chat and biccies!

8 thoughts on “Evening Walkies

  1. Celeste

    Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day! I can’t think of anything better than being accompanied by sheep on walk. When I used to backpack, I trained my goats to be pack animals and so enjoyed their company in the woods. Since I was the herd leader, they would follow me anywhere, stop when I stopped, go when I went. It was so nice to take my animal friends with me on adventures, instead of having to leave everyone home when I got wanderlust. Beautiful photos!

  2. Joe Boyd

    Frances, you lead such a busy life! I enjoy your daily descriptions of Shetland life, along with your superb photography and your entertaining comments. And thank you for your diligence with the diary transcribing. I feel like I have gotten well acquainted with your (our?) Aunt Kate.

  3. diane in northern wis

    what a sweet story. I do so love how your critters love to accompany you on your jaunts. that little guy certainly won’t be held back by anything. I can just picture you all sitting there eating biccies to end the adventure. wish I lived nearby….I would come by and walk with all of you!


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