Efstur Starts His Training

Here, at Thordale Stud, I start them early.


In my mind, it is imperative that everyone knows just what a nose-kissey is all about.  What it entails, what is required on both sides and what it stands for.


Of course, from Day 2 (Day 1 being a day off as Efstur had only just been born), I started Basic Training.


I am lucky.  Efstur is very inquisitive and his mother, Brá, doesn’t mind.  If I sit down, look at the ground (ie non-threatening) Efstur comes a-visiting.


And so his training begins. He likes being kissed very much.


Efstur thinks I am the one that make “mwah, mwah” noises – that, and squeaking about how wonderful he is.


Investigation is good and encouraged as long as everyone is nice and plays by the rules. For BeAnne this means no biting, no reacting and no having an opinion.  Efstur is eager to make friends and a terrier nip is not the way forward.  BeAnne knows this and tolerates far more than usual.


Here are a few photos of the many attitudes of Efstur.

“Strike the Pose”.

L1210574 L1210576 L1210577 L1210581  L1210584   L1210588

This time last week, eh?

3 thoughts on “Efstur Starts His Training

  1. Linda

    Well…judging by the demeanor of (most) of your ponies, I’d say teaching the nosey kisses is the perfect start to their training!

  2. Sam

    Love that long baby neck! And your nosey kisses seem to be a wonderful training technique. Glad to know Bra is happy to have you around her baby and that BeAnne can behave herself.


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