Eating Grass

These three, also known as The Old Men (not that Klængur is all that old), wanted to come and eat the grass around the house.  They asked very politely.

So we let them out of their field for the daytime.  They go to their field at night so the sheep can go to their bedroom.  Yes, my sheep have a bedroom – so shoot me!

In the afternoon, I felt I was being followed.

Now, I don’t mind the odd visitor (and believe me, this lot are odd!), but I honestly draw the line at an invasion.

And stalking…

And not being allowed to come out again.

And hairy. Most definitely hairy.

But visitors are nice, especially if they just stand there wanting to be hugged.  We had a lovely “moment”, Klængur and I.

The Old Men are enjoying the grass. It does involve some poo-picking afterwards but I think their happy little faces are worth it.

4 thoughts on “Eating Grass

  1. Sam

    Such nice manners from the Three Gents! And everyone needs a bedroom that is NOT shared by others. Wander on, Sheeple! Now the gusts at the door were merely wondering about tea and carrots….

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love all these pics of the 3 peeking in on you. So sweet. Enjoy the handsome company!


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