Duckie Update

Here is the latest duckie-wuckie update.

Well, we still have the original 7 so that’s good – we are prone to polecat and otter attacks here despite our best efforts and deterrents.

So that’s the six girls (hens) and one boy (drake).   No names yet – they are still just known as the duckie-wuckies and no, I have no intention of growing up any time soon!

They are all fairly similar in colour and markings….

All except one.  She is very special and very pretty and a little bit different.

They still don’t tend to explore or move around much.  But they do judge; oh how they judge.  Six ways to Hell and back.  I am convinced of this.

All of them have had their wings clipped so there is no flying.  They are mostly silent – Muscovies are not known for quacking.  They tend to hiss a little but it is not out of aggression like geese.  It is how they communicate.

Flossie kindly cleaned out their “pond” and so they refused to go near it for a week out of ingratitude!

Of course they were judging her cleaning skills and the resulting gleaming beautiful clean pond!

Anyway, I adore my ducks.  They are a constant source of amusement to me as they waddle not very far in one direction, sit there (judging obviously) and waddle back again.  No eggs yet but our they-might-as-well-be-ornaments hens are only just starting up again so we might find an egg one day! Exciting times ahead.

And they are now very proficient at using their hurdle pen to get their food.  It is the best deterrent against certain (nah, all) sheep!  Clever duckies.  I hope they’re judging the sheep too and not just me.

3 thoughts on “Duckie Update

  1. Sam

    I am convinced Ducks judge everyone and everything and all are utterly lacking. In what we may never know, but lacking we are. Duck eggs make the best cheesecake and omelets.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    They are all quite lovely! You’ve got quite a group (of all types) living with you. Stay well and enjoy them all! I’m going to assume that because of your location in the world, that Coronavirus is not a problem. Keep that up!!


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