Driving Around

Things to do today on the Urgent List.

I had to drop off some rugs and collect some dog food today – a 121 mile round trip!  I only found this out when I worked it out afterwards.


It was a curate’s egg of a day.  Daisy was riding inside so I took a good audiobook (Ancient Roman crime) and off I drove.


First stop was Shetland Equestrian Centre in Stromfirth (21 miles away).


I wandered about and met some of the stabled ponies.


Admired the ‘tache!


The youngsters.


The Oldster (what a forelock – beautiful girl).


Rugs dropped off and I discovered the essential one was still sitting in my stable – damn.

Next, off to Burra – 16 miles down the road – to collect some dog food.  The Nutriment treats are the best and everyone canine/feline are addicted to the fishy treats.


This is where Esja lives – Houlls Horses and Hounds, at Bridge End in Burra (another two islands away.  Luckily they are connected by bridges so no big deal really.  Just sounds good!)


Esja is looking very good  and is much loved in her home – nice, too, to have a nose kissey and a catch up.


It is always interesting to see the coastline from a different angle.  The far coast is the westside, I think.  I live on the other side of the far hills in the distance.


I saw a Heron (Hegri in Shetland dialect) standing staring out to sea.


I am fascinated by them.


They are very hypnotic.  I love it when they fly.


And so I wended my way home (another 35 miles as I went via Sandness to check on the ponies there),

Sandness to home – 7 miles.

Home, collect rug and back to Shetland Equestrian Centre – 21 miles
and back home again – 21 miles.

I saw some beautiful scenery en route so it was all worth it.


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