The Not-So-Little Boys

Little Efstur is wonderful.


He is learning the best expressions. This is his “serious but give me carrots” face!



He and Hjalti are the best of friends.  They are very good for each other.


Hjalti is incredibly patient with Efstur but enjoys the friendship.   He is having the best of winters – being with his mum and having a friend his own size.  Last year it was only Minions.  Fine, if small.


Brá is very happy to relinquish control…..


though Efstur is still nursing.


Hopefully, Brá and Hetja are both pregnant by Taktur.  This isn’t confirmed but time will tell – either foals will appear or not.


Efstur will be weaned in March or sooner.  We will see how Brá keeps the weight on this winter and how she looks.  She doesn’t seem to mind having her little boy around for a quick drink.


Anyway, he soon goes off to play with his best buddy.


Even when he is playing, Efstur is stunning.


I don’t think I am biased.


Like all little boys, Hjalti and Efstur travel as one.


It is lovely watching them grow up this winter in the field that surrounds the garden and house.


I watch them playing endlessly together from my front door.


6 thoughts on “The Not-So-Little Boys

  1. Carol E

    He’s such an adorable mini-me of Hjalti. Thank you for more lovely pictures to give us a positive view of the world.

    We’re visiting Portland and the protest march (which sadly became a riot) went nearby. The police were wonderfully restrained until idiots with bats joined the peaceful protest and started bashing cars and buildings. 😛 I know we’ll find out balance again but the US is a bit out of balance right now.

    1. Terri

      Oh, Carol, I’m so sorry! I live in Portland, but I’m glad I’m not there now (I’m in Boston). I believe in the right to demonstrate peaceably and nonviolently, but this makes me sick. And it makes me sad that a visitor to our city had to witness this riot. Please visit again some time!

      And to Frances: The photos of the not-so-little boys playing brought a smile to my face — what a truly lovely place Shetland is!


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