Dreki Dragon’s Training

Your daily bounce – let’s get that out of the way.  Harry Lamblin remains beyond cute.  He now comes when he is called and clambers all over me! Be still my beating heart.  🐑 ❤️ 🐑

Meanwhile in Dreki-training-land, he is now moved on to being ridden by Daisy with a bridle and a saddle.  She does small bits of light steering while I lead.  Dreki is very good and seems totally unphased with anything we throw at him…. so far.

Today, we went out in the Big Outside.  I took Efstur and Daisy led Dreki.  She says he is a like a dog. He likes to sniff everything.  We met a couple of cars and he didn’t blink.

Down our track and onto the single track road, where the hill sheep live.

A family photo.

The star of the show.

We didn’t go as far as we wanted as the hill sheep have their new little lambs.  Lambs are terrible for spotting us, leaving their Mums and following us home so we turned for home while we were still unattached.

We met Mr Scary Plastic-Wrap…. boring.

Sniffed a pile of gravel (for filling in the pot-holes on our track)

And a quick sniff at the parked cars.  We allow Dreki, and Efstur to do this – it gets it out of their system.

Better that than an explosion about the unknown. I told you Dreki is like a dog. Sniff.



3 thoughts on “Dreki Dragon’s Training

  1. Linda

    Harry is so adorable, and you seem to be so completely trusted by Harry & his Mom…icing on the cake, so to speak.


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