Doing the Horses

I have spent my day photographing the horses for my mother.

Ok, they are perhaps not quite as animated as some I know, but they are still very beautiful and I remember them all and their names.

This is Cavalier.  He was from Harrods and made by Ayres in the early 20th century.  In his original condition, with removable tack but a replacement bespoke bridle.  He moves on a stand rocker.

I remember being allowed to ride him as long as we didn’t gallop too fast.  He was always kept tacked up.  Wrong, I know!

image image image

Next is a darling little unnamed chap who was originally made to be pushed along with a handle with wheels.  Both long since gone.  He was one of Mum’s first rocking horse restoration projects many years ago.

image image image image

And then there is my absolute favourite.



He has been in our family since the early 19th century and has all his original paintwork with no restoration.  At both end of the bow rockers is a seat to carry an extra passenger.

Riding D’Arcy was always a special treat.

image image image image

So, there are some of the horses who are stabled here.

And, then there is this life sized goat!  Just because there is!


So not really different from my usual day, is it?

7 thoughts on “Doing the Horses

  1. Rebecca Final

    I would say that although not as animated as your usual pics, these are equally as charming. What wonderful treasures.

  2. Linda K

    Beautiful horses. How wonderful that D’Arcy has been handed down through so many generations (and survived in one piece). Imagine all the children who’ve loved and enjoyed him. I like the goat too, I bet he’s had lots of cuddles.

  3. Sam

    So nice to see toys well loved and well preserved. Most of mine did not survive one of my 3 younger sisters. She liked to cut the hair off of my dolls.

  4. Linda

    Just had a nice catch-up read of your last 4 posts including the one today., since I’ve been missing in action. So good to see Lambies progress, meet your mums new doggies, see the horses of your youth. Really love these stories of the day!

  5. Kate

    Beautiful horses…such a shame they were sold. Darcy is my favourite! Did he go to Australia? -this is the sad fate of many English/British rocking horses.
    I think I recognise the top one, the Ayres D type as well.
    He is currently on ebay!
    A real pity you couldn’t have kept Darcy.
    Best wishes,

  6. Kate

    I wish I could have bought D’arcey.
    I have been able to rescue several lovely old bow rocking horses from export, and have repatriated two others from overseas, going personally to collect them, and bring them safely back to the shores of their ‘youth’.
    But they were sent out overseas, when new.. to return to these shores after the families needed to sell them for various reasons over 100 years later.
    There is something very special about rocking horses.


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