Lambie update

The small, cute Lambie you all know and love is no more…


He is now a substantial (though still cute) lambie. Albeit still not as large as other lambs his age.

I’m pretty sure he thinks he is a dog. If you have visited us in the past you will remember being greeted by two boisterous dogs. Now add a lamb to your imagination and you’ve got our current situation.


Though the dogs are still quite perplexed by our new addition, they are all making an effort nonetheless. Even the cat is nice to the lamb, and that is saying something!


As a dog, Lambie goes on walks in the hill in an attempt to get rid of some of the bounciness. He prefers running around the open hill instead of the fields as the ground is less lumpy. He happily follows both dogs and people and runs to catch up.




His joints seem to have considerably improved and there is much galloping and bouncing, though this is difficult to capture on camera.




However, there is always time for a break to sniff the grass/flowers (or sheep poo).


So, that is our lambie update. As I wrote this we have cleared up lambie pee twice and rescued many a cable from his grip.

Though, in the Shetland hill, he almost looks like a real sheep!


7 thoughts on “Lambie update

  1. Linda

    Hooray for Lambie – he looks so happy and healthy! (But you really scared me with that opening line of your post…)

  2. Trish

    I read the first line and was REALLY WORRIED ……

    until I scrolled down and read the rest. Phew!

  3. lesley cafferky

    Just put away me hanki after reading the first few words..Nice and dry !!!!! Great news and you have all done a great job and that goes for the dogs and puss! they are all there for peerie lambie. Loved this little update and it is so good to see him running about..Soon will be going on a hack with you guys x

  4. Linda K

    That was naughty. My PC froze and I could only see the first sentence for a couple of minutes. I thought the worst.
    Lambie certainly has grown. Great to see him gamboling about. He is gamboling, isn’t he? I suppose he’s too big now to sit in your lap and watch telly of an evening.

  5. Freyalyn

    He really is looking splendid – and yes, you did manage to capture the bounce with your camera! And that fleece is going to be splendid for a bit of colourwork – might I bagsy his shearling fleece?


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