Cat’s Own Fridge Freezer

I haven’t written much about Wussums recently.  Well, he has settled in well and today surprised me with his new favoured spot.  I came downstairs to find this……


I have no idea how he got there and now none of us can get any milk for our morning coffe/tea.


He knows this and he doesn’t care.  In fact he wants you to come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.



Your problems are not his problems.  They are your problems and your responsibility.  He doesn’t think he is stopping you from opening the fridge (though he would probably get a horrid shock if anyone did!)


I love the way his, err, sides (that’s the word) flop over the edge of the fridge.  It is not a big space and certainly not one we ever considered as a potential cat bed.


I could move him if I wanted to but I didn’t so he stayed.  Not because I was intimidated – I want you to know that.


Wussums condescendingly watching the world go by, perfectly balanced.


He was available for brief chats but does have a tendancy for wandering paws at passing heads!


But the best bit was his Nemesis, BeAnne, didn’t know where he was.  WW3 is not over.


And so Wuss sat for most of the morning and, funnily enough, we all had black coffee or tea.


Should you want milk with that drink, then you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

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