Dogs and Sheep

From Farmers Weekly – 116 sheep killed in ‘worst attack in living memory’

What can I say?  It is unbelievably awful and I cannot get my head around this kind of mass murder done allegedly by dogs.

So, if anyone wants to let their dogs get to know sheep on a social basis rather than as a luncheon engagement, then Lambie and Ster are always there to help.  Seriously, I mean it.  Give me a shout.


This almost-brand-new little Border Terrierist puppy spent her afternoon sniffing and chatting to Ster.  She learned (hopefully) that there is no hidden mystery about sheep and they are nicer closer up than running away terrified.


She even licked Ster between his horns and for a second he was very bemused but happy to cooperate.


To Lambie and Ster, it is inconceivable that anyone would want to chase them.  They are naturally inquisitive and confident that everyone is nice until proven otherwise.


Obviously, there are always grown-ups on hand to move in if the sheep/dog meet and greet is going wrong but this afternoon, nothing did and all four got on famously.


So when I read Farmers Weekly and see such an appalling headline, I can only be very sad at such a tragedy and wish everyone had a Lambie or a Ster to show them that this is a very bad sport.

Lambie and Ster are family.


They love people (as does BeAnne!).


Lambie is a sheep-lap-dog really.


To chase him would be the lowest of the low and he would be very upset, if not disappointed.


Lambie does not run away, he runs towards mostly shouting “Muzzah”.


Please don’t let your dogs chase sheep.  They really don’t like it and it is very unnecessary and/or horrible for the sheep.

4 thoughts on “Dogs and Sheep

  1. Rhyanna

    …although it does make life difficult if/when you’d like to round up said sheep and the sheep attempt to make friends with the sheepdog. Such is my life and the life of my poor, bemused collie.

  2. Frances Post author

    If you call “Lambie” he will run towards you. Dogs are not really an essential part of the kit

  3. Terri

    That is such a sad, sad story — those poor sheep. The farmer must be both broken-hearted and angry. You’re right — dogs should be socialized with other species, preferably at an early age. Thanks for doing your part. (Btw, I’ve noticed that, in the dog-friendly city where I live, some dogs aren’t even socialized with other dogs and will attack, unprovoked! It’s all about responsible dog ownership.)

  4. Sam

    Bad dog owners for not properly introducing their pet to other animals. Horrifying results.
    But having a LambDog in one’s lap – now that is a task I could do. Love the next to last picture of Bjorn and Lambie! Card maybe?? Pretty please???


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