Deer and Ducks

Our daily dog walk is at 07:00.  This early, there are no golfers out and about and it feels more like our park than the municipal gold course that it really is.

Fox watch has been rather fruitless – I will have another go tonight, not even “The Magenpies” turned up and the chicken I put out is rather ripe!

But, this morning, we saw in the trees a beautiful roe deer – a buck, I think.  It stopped in its tracks and so did we.

We alI stood still and waited.  Luckily her dog, Pip, is very good about not chasing anything unlike others we have known or know!

Even though we were downwind, of course it was inevitable that the roebuck quickly spied us and went galloping off at full speed, while I tried to take photos.

It was a magical morning and we stood for a while in the early morning watching the graceful deer vanish off into the distance.

Afterwards, we walked on to our usual spot – the duck pond to feed Mum’s lone duck.  Mum has been feeding him all winter.

But, over the past few days, more and more ducks have been joining in, which is lovely.

Today a hen duck appeared with her eight little ducklings who, I think, were born not very long ago.

Eight little ducklings so now we are all hoping that there will be eight tomorrow.

Oh, the worry!

(I will be travelling tomorrow back to Shetland so NIck will be writing the blog)

6 thoughts on “Deer and Ducks

  1. Terri

    Although different, you and your mother share artistic gifts, as well as a kind nature. Thank you for sharing your childhood home and surroundings — they are lovely. Safe travels home! xo

  2. Louise Stopford

    Beautiful photo’s – certainly is a really nice part of the country and a lovely place to live. Have a safe journey home – bet you can’t wait to see everyone!! Look forward to more tales from Shetland.

  3. Linda

    Ah Frances, from one paradise to another. Your photos and stories about your Mum’s home have been so interesting and beautiful!


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