We go from day-to-day these days.

Everyone, including my little Minions (this is Waffle, by the way, who hates the mud, the rain and just about everything about winter these days and I don’t blame him – it erodes us), is finding winter far too long and very difficult.  Come on Spring – get a trolley on!


However, Tiddles is not doing too badly.  He has an accepting way of living.  What happens, happens and he gets on with it as long as there is me (Muzzah) to give him a nose kissey.  Tiddles knows I will always do my best for him.


Iacs (this is his moustache) is on permanent grub-watch.  I am fed up of him flattening everyone to get food, so he is now tied up and fed last in attempt to make him see the error of his ways – (sometimes I feel like a useless small sparrow against a window).  You would think Iacs has never been fed.  Still, he has a lovely little moustache so I have to forgive him as it is very cute.


Preggy Lady (new name – I will admit I struggle with Brá (what kind of name is that?) – is doing well.  She has fallen into an easy routine that mostly involves food. Sometimes I think my whole life involves food. 


The wind blows but it is quite warm and Haakon, of course, looks noble and fantastic (I do love my old horse – he is my soulmate and all I ever want).


The silage bale is in the field.  Chrysanthemum bottoms are everywhere (and I spelled chrysanthemum without needing to go back to change it – get in!)


2 thoughts on “Day-to-day

  1. Linda K

    Bra is an old Norse name for “eyelash”, apparently.
    Haakon is beautiful. I imagine him as some old Viking lord’s noble steed.

  2. Sam

    Love the pictures of Haakon. Bet you make a ton of money selling Tiddles Nosy Kisses! Preggy Lady needs a new name and Spring needs to step on it and arrive!


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