Daisy’s Nemesis

Daisy loves her horse.  She really does.


But she doesn’t love him very much when he has crawled under the fence on his knees for the unth-most time to roam around another field, especially the one next to Tor, Camus and Albie.

Taktur has taken up this annoying habit recently but mostly into a different field where he can do no harm.  Today, he widened his travelling horizons.


Daisy returned him to his original field, constructed a barrier to deter him and he went straight back again.  None of the other horses followed him, or care.

So, after visiting the Minions for me, I met Daisy who was wearing a fixed determined look on her face.

She marched to our electric fence department, found the necessary equipment and created her creation.

BN2A3060 BN2A3065

(Klængur took on a supervisory, while supportive, role)


Daisy did an excellent job – she made everything ready, working well and it was ticking too, so Taktur could hear it.  I think that is only fair.  (He knows what an electric fence is, so it is up to him to decide whether he wants to test it.)


Next Taktur was taken back to his field.


And we left him to make his own choices.

(I think we can call this a determined walk)


Taktur knew exactly where he wanted to go.


Daisy’s fence worked like a charm.


We went indoors with Taktur taking responsibility for his behaviour.


(one hour on, he is still standing there looking at it).

2 thoughts on “Daisy’s Nemesis

  1. Sam

    The “Walk of Determination” followed by “The Look of WTF” totally cracked me up. Well done, Daisy, well done! I think we all know where she gets her creative problem solving skills.


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