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I have a new heading on my blog – “Cold Turkeys”.

In a nutshell, on Monday night, I had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to my prescribed drugs.  It was that bad.

The next morning ,having survived a very scary night, I phoned my GP and was told to immediately stop taking two of my drugs.  No tapering off, just cold turkey.

This is not going to be a fun trip ahead.  I was on maximum dosage of one of them and immediate withdrawal comes with an FDA warning.  You don’t just stop unless you have a life-threatening reason.

So, for the next few or more weeks, for me life is not going to be easy.  There is no quick way to do this.  I just have to stop.  End of.

Hence my Cold Turkeys “bloggette”.  It is a place where I can write my thoughts and try to keep some perspective.

Forgive me if some days when there is no main blog.  My brain will have fallen out.  My OH and daughters are full onboard with what is lying ahead.  If things get too tough, they will take me to the local hospital.  I just pray I don’t hit the wall running.

What to Expect (dire warning article)

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 16.36.21

Day to day, I am planning on trying to go with the flow – resting when I need to, gentle exercise, clean food – no refined sugars or carbs, lots of warm water with lemon, endless showers or baths, until I feel normal again. I can’t replace the verboten drugs with more.  I have no idea what will happen and I am terrified.

But, on the good side, I have the best diversions ever….


When it gets bad, I am moving in with Lambie and ‘Ster.


24 thoughts on “Something to Say

  1. Mandy

    Poor you and how scary. Gilbert Bain saved my life twice and you are fairly close. Rest and recover. Those sheep need you!

  2. Teresa

    I’m sorry to hear about your health problems and I hope they can be resolved quickly! I’ve had that “brain zaps” side effect from going off an SSRI before and it’s seriously weird. It was scary at the time because no one told me that was a known side effect, so it’s good you at least know about it. Hugs to you and your furry babies.

  3. Celeste

    I totally understand, I have a very good friend who has gone through something like this. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s hard to get. Take all the time you need. You are indeed in the best place to recuperate, surrounded by so many loving furry guys who don’t care what you look like, think or do. They love you no matter what and are happy to show it.

    I wish you as easy and quick a recovery as is possible, with much cushioning while going through it. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. jan

    I am on this medication too, one tablet a day. I ran out once and it was a bit scary. If you are taking it for fibromyalgia I have started to take a fibro essentials supplement from amazon which are vegetarian approved. Let me know if you want more info. This will get better. Healing vibes too. Jan.x

  5. Judith Garbutt

    Absolutely no advice to offer but lots of sympathy. It’s so scary when things go seriously wrong. I hope you make a speedy recovery from the current situation and find medication that suits you for the longer term. I do have a friend who’s a very senior and experienced pharmacist who I’m sure would be happy to talk to you about what your alternatives might be. I could put you in touch with her if that would be any help. (She also has horses!)

  6. Linda K

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re unwell. Gosh what a shock to the system, stopping your medication suddenly. And that’s a scary list of symptoms. Have lots of rest and be good to yourself while you recover.
    I think this is a perfect opportunity to have Lambie in the house, just to offer a bit of additional comfort.

  7. Terri

    How frightening! — I am so sorry. You are lucky that you are surrounded by a loving family. Not to mention the furry dependents who live outside and provide you with comic relief, among other benefits. Healing vibes being sent your way from Oregon! xo

  8. Nancy

    Just sending virtual hugs and hoping that things will get better soon!
    Please don’t worry about the blog! Your health comes first!

    PS – I told the minions to be extra nice to you! Let’s see if they listen…ha ha!

  9. Susan

    I am so sorry for what you are going through, such a scary and distressing time for you. I will be sending healing vibes to help you through your ordeal. Love and Best Wishes. I think that this situation calls for OH to relent and let Lambie and Ster move into the house to offer you comfort and suffort. xxxxxxx

  10. Michelle

    SO THANKFUL you survived the anaphylaxis, and have the support of two- and four-legged family! I will be praying from afar, and reading with sympathy and hope that your body and mind adjust quickly.

  11. Vicki

    I’m so sorry to read about this, Ms. Frances, and hope you progess safely and steadily through this. It might be worth investing what exactly your recent injection contained, how that may have created a reaction. Your 2 and 4 footed family is there for you, the rest of us are just pulling, crossing whatever, and sending prayer and good vibrations. Your doctors will surely appreciate the cold turkies as a diary.

  12. May

    I hope you feel better soon. You’re daughters sound like terrific people, taking care of the gang until you get better. Sending healing thoughts your way from New England.

  13. Kris

    After reading through the Dire Warning article and the many comments following, I wonder how that drug (Cymbalta) stays on the market. The stories of how people tried to wean themselves are sad and the ones who went cold turkey are worse. Some did get relief temporarily from Prozac or medical marijuana but I imagine you don’t want to go that route.

    I’m a believer in letting the body try to heal itself while being treated with good foods, good family and good friends. I think you have those in copious amounts.
    Wishing you better days ahead. Will be thinking of you.

  14. Carina

    Dear Frances, I´m so sorry to hear about your health problems, I can´t imagine how scary this must be for you and your loved ones. I will keep you in my thoughts, I wish for you a smooth withdrawal, a new working medicinplan, lots of Noseykisses, rides in the sunshine and all other things good.

  15. Darby

    I am so sorry you are going through this Frances. I read your blog daily and it is always a bright spot in my day. I hope things will turn out OK . you have many friends all over the world who care about you and your little family in the Shetlands. sending healing thoughts.

  16. Sam

    I think this would warrent Lambie in the house as your full body pillow/hot water bottle. I wish you well with this situation. Know that 2 humans and 2 Maine Coon Cats in Connecticut are sending healing thoughts your way.


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