Bits and Bobs

I’m not feeling very inspired today – rather lack-lustre, if I’m honest and tired. Very tired so please forgive this pathetic and probably whiney blog offering.

Anywho, the Boyzens and Girlzens have all been vaccinated and we will have a repeat performance in a few weeks’ time and then it will be annually from then on.

To a sheep, they all behaved beautifully, even Madge who was easily caught (a first – she usually does the wall-of-death in the stable).  The power of gingernuts and a greedy mother greatly helped and inspired.

Afterwards I went for a ride on Klængur, while Daisy rode Taktur, and possibly sensing a disturbance in the force, was exemplary. As good as gold.  Perhaps he realised I didn’t have the strength for spooking at a rock that’s been in the same place since the Jurassic period.

So that was nice.

Here are a few photos from today.

Taktur – his mane is gorgeous.

And he is looking especially handsome with silly-billy hair!

So very handsome.

So very, very handsome!

The old men far away in their winter field.

Dreki who has grown. I swear he is possibly 17hh.  When did that happen?

He has a nice head.

And let’s all hope he has his father’s pea-for-a-brain.

After Minioning (yes, today it is a verb), I drove down to our local beach.  The waves were  beautiful. Such colour.

So that’s me.  Relieved that the sheeple are vaccinated but I sort of feel it is a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.  Ho hum.

7 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. Joe Boyd

    Glad you are experiencing a little tranquility. Watching the waves can be very therapeutic. I enjoyed all your photos today.


  2. Linda

    Beautiful photos, Frances…
    You’re entitled to feel tired; you just lost a loved one. Try to take in all the love you can from your family – human & animal, as you grieve.

  3. Mary Domito

    Biden won the presidency!
    Democracy has a chance.
    That should give you some energy…. even if it doesn’t affect you directly.
    Share in my joy.
    Hope to get back to Shetland one day soon. Until then, wishing you and your brood health & happiness.

    Mattress Mary
    Taos, NM

  4. diane in northern wis

    You did a good thing, getting everybody vaccinated and on a regular schedule for that, Frances. What a sad and difficult thing to learn but life will go on and you will be the wiser for it all, in the long run. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the sea and the the gorgeous horses too. Always wonderful pics here, Frances!


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