Cunningsburgh & District’s Agricultural Show 2019

“The Cunningsburgh Show is organised by the Cunningsburgh & Districts Agricultural Society and is the largest agricultural show held on Shetland. The show takes place every year on the second Wednesday of August.” – from their Facebook page.  The first show was in 1935 and this year was their 75th.

I love a good agricultural show and today’s was no exception.

The crafts were amazing. I was full of admiration.


Huge and very beautiful.

And now as I am into felting, I could appreciate even more the skill and hard work that goes into every piece of work. I loved this.

And adored him.

There was the statutory Wall of Wool.

Incredible Fair Isle knitting – I love the colour combinations.

Some beautiful shawls.


Onto the Poultry Section.

It was a hot day and many animals were asleep.

Produce.  Now this is the right colour for a proper egg yolk.  Ours look like this.  No additives just nature.

It is all in the presentation.

Horse and Pony classes were going on in two separate rings at one end of the show field.

There were at least five Icelandic horses taking part.  Well done to all.  It was lovely to see.

The show ground was getting busy as the day went on.

We went into the flower shed.

More gorgeous colour.

And the smell of flowers was incredible.

On the opposite side of the flowers were the tatties.

Shetland Blacks

And even six cooked potatoes on a plate is a class on its own.

We loved this. As you can see “Carrots Three” is the class.  Sadly this entry did not win.

And you can sort of see why but a good effort none the less.

The cake section was innovative.  This represents the “Sooth-End Synchronised Swimming Team” – brilliant!

A superb display of vegetables.

Someone can grow fruit very well.

So, that’s the first part of the show. More tomorrow…… and yes, you guessed it, there were some fun Vegetable Creation entries.  An excellent day.



5 thoughts on “Cunningsburgh & District’s Agricultural Show 2019

  1. diane in northern wis

    Wonderful show. Thank you for all your great pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around with you!


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