Cunningsburgh Show – Outside Animals

So, we had been in all the tents and sheds to look at the exhibits and now it was time for a wander around outside.

There was a huge sheep section – all different breeds – don’t ask me, because I know nothing.

All I do know, however, is that sheep breeding is taken very seriously up here.

By now, it was a hot afternoon and I wish someone had been round with a bucket of water for the sheep.  They did for the cows. I saw them.

This spectacular ram was having a lovely time chasing lady sheep around a large pen while the judges watched on.  I love the ram’s lecherous grin!

The vintage tractor display was splendid and had a flock of small children  You could see them playing “tractors”.  The ultimate dream at that age.

Over to the Shetland pony rings – two of them.   One for standards and one for miniatures with a judge in each.

Some had given up and were having a well deserved snooze.  It’s a very long day.

As we wandered around the judging was coming to an end and various champions were announced.

This is Wilbur.  He was in the Pet Section and we had a little chat.  The lovely bow tie was an inspiration (says she who is now busily searching the internet for some).

And I made a discovery – there are donkeys in Shetland!  You have no idea how fast I raced over to introduce myself.  There were two in a pen.  I asked the owner about how easy was it to keep donks in Shetland only to discover that I have been seriously misinformed and that, as a breed, they do fine up here.

If I had only known…….. just imagine what could’ve been.  I adore donkeys.  I smile inside when I see them.

12 thoughts on “Cunningsburgh Show – Outside Animals

  1. Sam

    For the Sheep Bow Tie – try a Big & Tall shop for gents. Ask for a tie for a 24″ neck.
    Does OH know about your love of donkeys? Do you have enough fields for one?

      1. Sherry Walter

        Oh, maybe a ‘stray’ donkey turning up at your door could be arranged? I have a mini, his name is Winston and he stands 34″ at the shoulder and he is an absolute sweetheart, loves to have his head hugged. You wouldn’t believe the volume he can achieve if I’m late with a meal and the bray always ends with a snuffle and a snort sounding like a curmudgeonly old man and it makes me smile every time. He is seriously in love with one of my Kentucky Mountain mares even though she’s almost twice his height.

  2. Shelley

    The ram DOES have a lecherous grin. I like yoy way with words very much. Plus, I think you should get a donkey or two…

  3. Celeste

    Yellow sheep? Really?!? Is this the famous Golden Fleece? I looked them up online and it said some Shetland farmers dye their sheep for shows. Is that the case here?

  4. diane in northern wis

    Well, I’ve never seen what look like orange sheep or rams. Also such colorful donkeys. Very cool pictures….thanks for sharing them Frances. What a fun day you all had!


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