Comedy Puffins

As the weather was fairly grotty and it was obviously not a day to ride, we took our visitor to Sumburgh Head to see the puffins.


I took a few photos, as ever, but having gone through my pics, I decided to choose only the comedic or unusual ones.


The first thing that struck me was the puffins’ inability to fly with any grace or beauty.  They resemble Thunderbird 5 or the Vogon Constructor Fleet – “they hung in the air in much the same way that bricks don’t” (Douglas Adams, my hero).

BN2A1060BN2A1097 BN2A1074 BN2A1046


Aww, bless them for trying! And try they do, endlessly either throwing themselves at cliffs in the hope they will land or just hover waiting for an opportunity to drop to earth.  It is not elegant.


Serious Puffin


Professional Puffin


Clockwork Puffin


Yoga Puffin


Wind-Beneath-My-Wings Puffin


No-Beak Puffin


Open-Wide Puffin


Pretty Puffin


and best of all, Grubby Puffin!  He’d been diggin’ his burrow and was happily going back and forth enjoying the mud.  Everyone else was spotless but him.

BN2A1198 BN2A1241 BN2A1228

Puffins are funny little guys and always make me smile.  For such a grotty weathered day, we struck gold with our puffins coz we are nuffin’ without a puffin!



3 thoughts on “Comedy Puffins

  1. Joanie

    Oh my gosh this made me really laugh out loud.. Vogon Constructor Fleet – “they hung in the air in much the same way that bricks don’t”. So appropriate!
    Love the puffin pics. You take such wonderful photos, Frances – thanks for sharing them.

  2. Linda

    YOU HAVE PUFFINS! What a totally amazing place you live, Francis…the photos and the video were just wonderful. Thank You!

  3. Kathy

    I love the photographs, but my favorite was the video of the Puffin digging his burrow. That was fantastic! His feet kicking out the dirt made me laugh!


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