Coconut Oil

There is no mane and tail conditioner to be had in all these islands.  Believe me, I have looked.

I need to brush, yes you heard me, brush everyone as spring is here and coats are falling out.

I like to use something as, after a long hard winter, manes and tails can leave a lot to be desired – split ends, mud, tangles, etc.

So I asked Forumland, looked in my cupboard and decided that coconut oil was the way forward.  It is something that is always in my kitchen and I often use it for cooking.  Coconut oil has rave reviews as a hair care product too.

All the ponies came up to be fed and, after their grub, I put a penny sized lump of oil in the palm of my hand, melted it and put it on manes and tails.

This stuff is amazing.  I will never buy conditioner again.  Coconut oil is the way forward.  All the tangles instantly disappeared.  The hair has become stronger and it worked very well.  The horses loved the smell and followed me around waiting to be done.

Note, Iacs’ silly frilly.  It is now positively bouffant.


Tiddles was transformed into a gorgeous boy.


His mane is gorgeous, silky and easy to brush.


And he new it.


Tiddles from Oreal – because he is worth it!


The boy was transformed into a vision of loveliness.


So now the way forward is coconut oil.  I am going to see if I can buy it in bulk!  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

8 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  1. Linda K

    Iacs looks pleased with his new and improved hair. I like Tiddles’ windswept look. (I’m so glad he’s coming into his own now).

    I wonder if it will work on my hair, I’ll give it a try.

  2. Rebecca Final

    I also recently discovered Coconut oil. I am going crazy using it on all my animals and myself, inside and out. My shetland had a badly rubbed neck with the hair gone both sides. I needed something non abrasive to soften the skin. Coconut oil was the answer. Then I started rubbing it into manes and tails. Yes, makes a great conditioner. I rubbed it in down her back where she had some scaley areas. Worked great. Good skin softner for me. I put it in my protein drink every day and on my dogs’ food every day. It supposidly provided energy without fat when taken internally. Great stuff!

  3. Liz Richardson

    How sweet these faces are! I can recommend Real Food Source, I’ve been buying my oil in bulk from them for almost a year now. So much cheaper than the health shops. Very pleased with their products and service so far. 🙂


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