Chrysanthemum Bottom

These are “Chrysanthemum Bottoms”!   Shetland ponies are very good at standing downwind for protection and when the wind blows, the dock of the tail goes flat like a chrysanth.  It happens every winter to anything equine with a reasonable tail on it that lives outside.


The bebbies are coming along well. Their coats are getting better, more buffily (yes, that is a technical horsey term) and more fluffy too.  The constant wind has done this while they have access to a shed to dry off in, if they want.

BN2A0176 BN2A0178

Three hard food meals a day of soaked beet, chaff and mare/foal mix is doing it’s stuff.  The bebbies are getting more solid, not particularly fatter, but there is definitely a better covering.  You can tell this when you stroke them.  Fewer sticky out bones.


They tuck in enthusiastically and shout at Jo the minute they see her leave her front door trying to get her to hurry up and feed them.  She has her own little fan-club now.

BN2A0192 BN2A0194 BN2A0199

The trough is attached to the gate and it is just the right length for three little dog-sized ponies to share nicely together.  Jo pours the food over the gate into the trough and they tuck in.


Rescuing these ponies has brightened up a very dreary winter for us.  They constantly tell us how much they appreciate their new world especially the regular appearance of food and the warmth of their shed.  They spend a great deal of time in there asleep on their deep bed of straw or eating the constant silage/hay.  Always together, never a bad word and no one is the boss.  A happy little three-some – all with Chrysanthemum bottoms too.


Delicious!  Apparently they are almost playing.  Now that is a very good sign.


3 thoughts on “Chrysanthemum Bottom

  1. Cathi

    Dear Frances,
    I love your pictures!
    And ok, I realy like Shetland ponies (like yours, like mine ;-).
    Every time I’m down I just have a look on your webpages and keep on smiling again.
    It’s like a little vacation onto your great different landscape.
    Best wishes from Potsdam in Germany,
    Vivi (<-thats the pony) and me, Cathi

  2. Sam

    Thanks for the “flowers” because here in the North East of USA, winter simply will not leave!!
    So glad the Bebbies are doing well – no small part because of you, Jo and the other rescuers.


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