BeAnne now sits outside with her two woolly minders.  They go everywhere together – my flock. Ok, it is odd, but, still, it is my little flock of weirdos! (I may take a while to get over being called “odd” – just sayin’).

But better odd than ordinary in my book.  I hate ordinary. So boring.


This afternoon, I brought Taktur over as he was going to be ridden later on.  I tied him up by the silage bale and left him with Haakon and Iacs for company.


They were all pleased to see each other.


Haakon and Iacs were determined to “be the bale”.


Taktur has better manners.


I had left Kappi alone in his field with a feedbag full of silage (all I can carry in one go over my back).  It was interesting watching Kappi decide if he was lonely or whether it was the best food opportunity ever!  He went with the latter and dug in trying to leave nothing behind by the time Taktur returned.


Meanwhile, in the bit around the house, Delia and Vitamin were also lurking.  Vitamin can be a bit of a hussy when she wants to.



I did stay and ride shotgun in case Vitamin was thinking of giving Taktur her “come hither” look.


In retrospect, I think I was there as Taktur’s chaperone!

“Chaperone (social) or chaperon, a person who accompanies or supervises young people on social occasions”

3 thoughts on “Chaperone

  1. Sam

    I think having a flock of dog and LambDog is just fine and normal. And you did a marvelous job chaperoning the hussy! You are no “odd” – that silly reporter is the odd one for not reading this blog on a daily basis.


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