Bye Balls, Tara Testosterone, Sayonara Scrotum!

It had to be done.


Hjalti is wonderful, but he is not stallion material (I love that phrase and have to wonder exactly what stallions are made of – silk, linen, real cotton, spun gold, what?) and he does not need the testosterone.


And Hjalti does not need to try and have sex with everyone – he is firing blanks at the moment and is going through the “motions”.


He is still with his Mum and she is not impressed at his sexual antics.  She sniffs with disapproval.


So Hjalti’s bits came off.  They had to.


And I am glad they did (and the rest of the herd breathes a sigh of relief).


Little Himself  is far more useful as a gelding than a stallion.


He may feel a bit grotty for a while.


But he will thank us for it later.


And he has still got his Mum – that is the next hurdle – weaning.


6 thoughts on “Bye Balls, Tara Testosterone, Sayonara Scrotum!

  1. Terri

    Why was his head covered during the procedure? What exactly constitutes “stallion material”? Taktur, for example, is gorgeous and has good gaits (or whatever they are called), but there must be something more to it. Or not? Just wondering….
    Hope Hjalti feels better soon. xx

  2. RiderWriter

    Mad props to you for the BEST headline I think I’ve ever read on a blog! BWHAHAHAHA

    All ball jokes aside, I’m glad you took care of this “brain surgery” for Hjalti. I applaud you for being a responsible horse owner.


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