Black and White Minion Field

Everyone was waiting at the gate to greet us.  Lilja and Sóley were lying down with MInions all around them.  It was lovely – suddenly they were all the same height. Sadly the Icelandic girls immediately stood up so I couldn’t get a photo. Even so, seeing them like that made us smile.

(Sóley has a good grin)

Albert (Potato) asking for his nose kissey.

Silver was rocking some whacky hair.  It was a bit windy.  A cold north one.

Vitamin just wanted her carrot – can you feel her stare?

A family photo – I think we can safely say “one of us, one of us”.

More wild hair from an über cute Newt.

Storm was trying to look serious.  Only trying, though.

It didn’t last very long!

Everyone was a bit, well, derpy (is that the right word?) really. while I walked around trying to take some serious arty-farty photos.

I had no help.

I think I only vaguely succeeded with Vitamin.  The rest are, well……. maybe I will go back to colour photography again.

5 thoughts on “Black and White Minion Field

  1. Margaret Robinson

    These are great black and whites. Maybe you should do both by varying days. Obviously not much help from the “models”.


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