An Afternoon to Myself

Everyone fed.

Everyone checked.

Every nose kissed.

No one was left out (Waffle is around the corner!)

And then I went to town to get my last jag – Covid vaccination…..

My hair cut (it needed doing and I am very happy now).  A short sharp bob.

I also managed some lovely “window” shopping looking at gas cookers (down to two working rings now, grrr) and cameras (mine has a grinding noise while spitting out unhelpful error messages).

Some luxurious but unmentionable fish and chips – tell no one as the family is always jealous.  They were utterly delicious!

But, best of all, time to myself.  It was heaven.

And then back to my life with shorter hair and feeling much more ready to take on the world!  Bring it on.

Edited to add:  Daisy and Monster took BeAnne for a lovely walk xx

3 thoughts on “An Afternoon to Myself

  1. Sam

    Hope your 2nd vaccine brings no side effects. And I yearn for a proper haircut (my sister has done a grand job all year, but…). And it is necessary, at times, to wander off by one’s self and indulge a bit. Hope the lunch was as delightful as you wished it to be. Love all the noses you kissed.


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