Big Girl Hooves

We had a go at trimming Hetja’s hooves.  It wasn’t easy.  She’s a big girl by our standards and was fairly unhelpful too. It made us realise that Shetland ponies are much easier to trim and also much more co-operative.  Well, mine are.  Having said that, we haven’t trimmed Newt yet so we may change our minds on that score. The night is still young.

Again, Daisy was on clippers and I was on rasp duties and we did our best, despite some severe leaning and snatching back of her hinds.  And yes, I did bollock her for this.

However, I think we did a good job. Like I said, Hetja was not helpful and we climbed back into the car feeling like we had been in a rugby match.  It jolly nearly killed us both.  Only another billion to trim (well, that’s what it feels like anyway).

I have renamed Hetja the Heffalump Cowbag!

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